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Artist: Strung Out Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Exile in Oblivion
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connect the dots,divide the truth,profit from the beasts complexity
new terror new stage new end new race new face economy
program a president the model of the manufactured proof
How did we get to be so hated gather 'round the tube and wonder why
economy,spirituallity,together are void of harmony
create a god and brush the skin with the oil of a bleedin' tanker ship
lifes just a matter of who is willing to deliver the blow that'll strike you down
Crysanthemums and steelly atom bombs arise! And shape the landscape of my heart
and mind...Destruction to this hurting world
How do you want to be judged in the face of your complacency
I already know my times runnin out
So ....burn the flag of every nation state ,flood the palaces with the peoples hate
and all will be one.

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