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There's something i can't figure out
There's something that i can't let go
It's here it's real and it's staring me in the eye
It's all i see now
Growing into somethin new
Becoming what i always knew
Would change me if i let it go
would turn on me if i let it show now
If i let it show
And you always got the best of me
While bringing out the worst of me
I found myself again and i didn't like this thing that i've become now
So i gotta do this right now
Cause tomorrow I ain't lookin back
This is my last chance to come clean and make it right
And show you what i know
Sinking ever further
Concrete shoes keep me around
It's getting way to late to change tonight
Shudder to think i may be wrong
It's easy to lose when you're the king of loss and everything slips by
Taken a chance making a change
For better or worse
I can't let go
and i know what i want
Is what we think of ourselves inside
The same as what we really are
Is what you see in me
really what i wanna be?
Is this all for me
Is this all for you?
Is this all we see in ourselves?

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