Stuck Mojo - Set the Tone Lyrics

Artist: Stuck Mojo Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Declaration of a Headhunter
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What started as a vision
Became my struggle and my mission
Just a simple plan a simple band
And I always said I can
Never allowed our exploitation
To have a global domination
Just a simple plan a simple band
And we stole the ball and ran

When the cards are stacked against me
And my heart is full of envy
I'm feeling wiser as the days go by
It's the game I play
Me and my boys we set the tone

With a decade in our pocket we saw the
World and always rocked it
We never doubted never pouted
And had the competition scouted
Always maximized our potential
Growth rate always exponential
We never doubted never pouted
And left the competition routed

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