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Album: Track 5 on Demolition War, Part I-III
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There's a war in Vietnam
There's a T.V. documentary
To help you understand
But the other channel is better
Cos it doesn't tax your mind
Relax in the ignorance of your home
As man destroys mankind
And the rest of the world has gone to sleep
Because they couldn't care less
The world is going, so am I
It's such a bloody mess
There's an arms race in America
The race that no one wins
If somebody pushed the button
The accidental sin
Meanwhile baby wonders
"What's a nuclear war?"
And mummy says to tell the truth, I'm really not quite sure
And the rest of the world was ignorant
Because they weren't told more
The pamphlet said 'Just stay at home, avoid the threat of war
The computer pressed the button
The rain was full of lead
And more bombs dropped on Belfast
And Vietnam went dead
The T.V. Documentary
Outlined the possible cause
It was just a human error
Because man invented war
And the rest of the world has gone to hell
Because they never cared more
The children cried before they died
So this is nuclear war

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