Subhumans - Wake Up Screaming Lyrics

Artist: Subhumans Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on From the Cradle to the Grave
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I never watched anyone die before
I wish I'd never left home
I wish I'd left it alone
Temptation is a disease
You can never do as you please
Your body takes over and your mind don't care
Never think twice what might happen out there
Go straight in for the ultimate sin
And nobody else ever seems to care
So I took what I thought was mine
And waited for a very long time
And I thought I knew what happened to you
Cos you told me exactly what to do
So I did it right and stayed up all night
Felt like killing myself for you
I don't think like I did before
I never watched anyone die before
I felt like I died as well
The look the words the smell
The way you looked at me
As if I'd never be free
I remember the words like a favorite song
Cos I forget the way things went wrong
Faked a picture of perfect health
Then I realised I was killing myself
I don't think I am what I was before
I never watched anyone die before
I dream in slow motion and I wake up screaming

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