Sublime Let's Go Get Stoned Lyrics

Artist: Sublime
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:32

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I swear sometimes you're taking me for granted
I swear sometime you're a whore
I swear but I know there ain't no reason
Cause everything is such a bore

At night I had a dream, though it made me sick
Saw you in your bedroom sucking someone else's ****, (my goodness!)
My friends all laughed, said it was my fault
Said it's time that it happened to me
But I know that the show was much more than a blow
So I'm waiting for the tide to get low
Waiting for the tide to get low

If I was an ant, live upon the wall
Tell me baby would it make any difference at all
If I was a roach on a tree tell me would you smoke me?
Bright lights put me in a trance
But it ain't house music, makes me want to dance (word)
I don't gamble but I bet
I'm gonna die if I don't get a cigarette
Hold me close I always play the mack
With the monkey on my back.
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