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Album: Track 9 on Stuck Progress To Moon
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Certify! Shining stars! Although the galley's above and the water's beneath still the water reigns Can you see the dance Can you hear the sweet music The ships are flouncing Thats how the water reigns rippin' those chains Cataclysm, go rage yourself throw your foam to reveal your anger This is the drift that sends on the squall. It calls you all ref: shattered minds go rise again! autocrats are putting you off more and more know your enemy you depend on! shattered minds go rise again! they're putting you off more still the water calls you all Are you ready to conquer the mast? Erase! Although the galley's above and the water's beneath Still the water, still the water reigns Altought the wheel's still yours it won't last forever ref History taught you negativing too Ressurected while the water strips your lies Non of us would be better If we manouvered all you stupid, dumb, bovines!

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