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Album: Track 5 on Sanity Has Left the Building
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Boy,scratchin'yo face but this is called reality
Me,i'm gonna tell you what makes it insanity
Love is the risin',hate is the gravity
C'mon,c'mon make it,don' tha metafore
Tickiling eyes can't stare at you anymore
Please,send me a paper,throw away,gather all
But i can't exist if only money manufactures
Our sick world!
TV,video radiates in stereo!
Oh,what a beautiful world...
Once with the Bible,now with the holy trade
Face down on the floor,no cash,can't communicate
C'mon,c'mon make it doin' the robowar
Only the strong dies faithful is gonna fall
Rock shock straight to the thin drop tha strong vibe
Oh,what a beautiful world!silly people and their sorrow..!
Push the button,kill the doll!
Face back,stop that!
You cannot figure it out
The world that's your head
You cannot figure it out
So face back,stop that
You cannot figure it out
So drop that,stop that!
And it's might be creeping but it's you who
Eating all the bullshit,all the bullshit you peace of shit
On the groung you motherfucker
Eat the bullshit that you've been signified!
Circus and bread to the people!
Computer is your friend,we're all equal!
America,home of the brave!
Such preachous things needs to be saved!
Save now!
Lord,it's can't be true
Say,it must be you
This is the way to be blind

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