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Drum the war Dock those ships Aim is to protect your system ignore the time break those bricks We will be heroes through all, one goal! Time and age sacrifice our dying stage and I'll take care of left behinds, all your needs and dreams, go fight! ref: posteriors, bring it on somehow! If I'll be dead you'll be livin' aerials broadcast some past to reveal my loved ones Let the slaughter begin! Kill'em all, burn their skins, or what ever covers 'em I will launch the arms free their sins from their reptile souls armada rally your armies Ions to be set in rape the moon, annul the dwellers that betrayed our holy progress. Tread 'em out, brake'em down Whet the blades, chop 'em down -Navigator! -Aye Sir! -Hope you're enjoyin' the flight?! Than he finally entered his garden with hope in his heart to settle ever after and find his rose blooming as he were taking care of it before he had to leave her just dusted. But time turned out to be timeless and the soil were not motionless, something was taken a
nd something was given in return. another pinkwine bloomed with the beauty of the old shining solar. New affection has just began