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Album: Track 9 on Sanity Has Left the Building
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Rape my heart
Take me tonight and
Do that fight
My socks needs some tidin'
Tell me what it's 'bout?
Sir!i'd like to order
Tell me what it's 'bout
X-man would like to
Smash up some fresh cunts
Oh,this soup became a little bit cold honey
Why did you do that to me
I'm so fancy
Zim-zum just like bee
Which way?this way!
What way?no way!
Phoebe,why don't you infrared me?
Bee,why don't you stick in my pee?
See,there's no brain inside of me!
It's like sunbathing down on your knees at the see!
Stop,stop sayin' that never gonna break
Ash of fire,chains out of my mind!
Stop,stop sayin' crash boom bang
Ash of fire,wings right in my mind
You are my universe!
You're the holder of my world
You are my universe!
x-man holds my world!
Pepper,better!never gonna brake it down
You gonna think pepper,you gonna say better
You gonna think

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