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Artist: Subtle Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on For Hero: For Fool
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There's a carrot and ape...
both on stage : both dangling

The ape's lucky leather jacket has turned up missing
and he's shouting out something about stretching his threat,
to drop a stainless steel egg, onto a poor defenseless hand mirror
or else...

Hence the intergalactic presses have been halted accordingly.
their consummate plug - been kicked from the outer-space wall
and then alone does the nightclub's only spotlight get to stuttering.

and the air this here ape's in charge of, has now grown doubly thick,
So it unzips its 20odd year old skin to reveal a classic tattoo style anchor,
strung up on a pair of ugly and classic roller skates.

and the crowd goes wild...
and then needs a line to repeat,
you try to think why? and...
"everything is empty and it runneth over"...
cuts clean across your clenched teeth.
letting off the small fear fire
set tall inside your just beyond merch booth bound chest.

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