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Album: Track 11 on ExitingARM
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Is this a something serious as setting bone,
you being of the lightest blinkings in infinity.
And does this restore a gape where your will would be.
Does this draw a grey where your reds would bleed,
Where onces there was only black...

And so it seems being set free,
is a comples and unalterable series of captures and release.
And it that it is this web of tragedy and consequence that,
gives your loss and found its trajectory.

Gone Clear
Dive Cope Quit
Fear Blood

To evacuate onces sturdy flesh:
one part endless,
two parts death...
blood swapped with bled
sleep swapped with breath
Not ghost Not dead
Not lead Not yet

The last of man kind will have no instruction.
No flag that stands for more than him.
Man will have hunger, wounds, and mind alone
by which he might
give scale to his map.

To know you are gone,
and what you are doing is meant.
As evidenced
By the risen hars of human arms on end,
that marks the slight and unlikely slells of
the clear skull spell.

Gone Clear
Dive Cope Quit
Fear Blood

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