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Album: Track 1 on A New White
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A frozen lake is solved.
By all means...

its The slowing down of your brain
Around that certain sort of math.

The result...
Completely destroys the snow globe

Which results in...
One calling for an Eyewash and hand replacement
............. ..............

I suppose I've been brave
The highly unlikly rock and all its valves
Are roped off .
As is the would find luggage dilemma
Of love and money

I know now the problem
Lies in no one wire of the human heart
No none of its 12 plugs can be pulled
To tear all veins in one fell swoop
Like wall socket roots
Through their smooth calm sheets of plaster skin
And much thinking makes so little of time

and of lives

what's left are fires beating off of faces
Spreading in the heat left after beards.
The bright red skeleton of a cynic,
And the fine line differences in skin consistancy.

however so slightly permanent
These are the things that will never be songs...

never more wet concrete for song street...
This is not more wet concrete for new song street...

not poor silked concrete for beneath lord songs soft feet...

not poor song meat...

not song not more raw wheat...

for the poem popes and sing job's
Mastering the fast mean walks of big show street...

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