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Writer(s) : BOB MOULD
Artist: Sugar Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on File Under: Easy Listening
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It's such a groovy thing
You're hating everything
I wouldn't want to be
Stuck in a room with you

You with your entourage
And makeup camouflage
You're only hiding time
Why don't you act your age

So concerned with how we see you
It's hard to concentrate
If you fell down could you get up
Or would you have to wait

You've wallowed in yourself so long
And dragged your other friends along
We're feeling bad for you
Granny Cool

You look like such a fool
Hey look it's Granny Cool

It's over it's over it's overexposure
You've been in the light too long
There's no protection now
It's time to say goodnight

We always wanted someone
We could all adore
But now you've got the lock and key
To everybody's door

But your room is empty now
There's no more friends to drag around
We're feeling bad for you
Granny Cool

It all caught up to you
It's coming back to you
I'm waving back at you
Hey look it's Granny Cool

What are you gonna do
When you are 62
We're looking back at you
Hey look it's Granny Cool
And all your jealousy

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