Sugarland - Coming Home Lyrics

Artist: Sugarland Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Gold and Green
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Well hello,
It's been a long time, and I wanna know
What's been goin' down
Since I been gone
And are you alright?
Are you ok?
Me, I'm alright.

But is there any way, that you could
Make space, say grace, set my place
At the table
And tell 'em I'm comin' home
Tell 'em I'm comin' home

Yes, I know
I know she loves me, if she were a soal
And I know just what she'll say
Each time I call
She'll say,
Are you alright?
How's your work?
Are you alright?
How's my girl?

And I'll say, I'm feelin' strong
But it's been too long
So I wrote this song, to say I miss you
And tell you I'm comin' home
Momma, I'm comin' home

Angels are high at the top of a tree
Stars in the sky, shine away
I can see
Oh Momma, please leave a light on for me
I'm comin' home
(I'm comin' home)
Tell 'em I'm comin' home
(I'm comin' home)
Tell 'em I'm comin' home
(I'm comin' home)
I'm goin' home
(I'm comin' home)
I'm comin' home
Tell 'em I'm comin' home
I'm comin' home

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