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Artist: Suicidal Tendencies Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
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Turn the lights down? I think I lost something



Mmm, think it over…Mmm, think it over…
Mmm, think it over…Mmm, think I think I think I got

Hey…Hey…Hey…S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Suicyco Mania (Mania-Mania-Mania)

Don’t you talk about Lord and even don’t look out
(Even don’t look out, even)
Don’t you talk about Lord, no, you’re leaving still (Here, it’s for me)
Give me the keys, gonna set you free, going near

Getting closer, when can I see you when you’re together?
Where you going with a (Suicyco Mania) You got that (Suicyco Mania)
Go kill ‘er (Suicyco Mania) I guess that (Suicyco Mania)

Corridor…Same ol’ ten…
It’s comin’ down…so long…right there with U

Getting into some trouble with me, getting it right up for speed
Don’t have to get ‘em anymore
Taking him into master stains, taking him back to what’s-her-name?
Taking him in from salty rain
Then I caught you decimate, get up what you gotta say
Get up what you gotta dare

(Suicyco Mania)

Feels just like we’re being in love when I get you to the sky
Silhouettes have been away
Breaking down this whiskey can, taking down, it’s all the same
Getting down, it’s all for me
Peter Piper Pickled Liver, whene’er I go see him surf
We go back into the due
We’re supposed to let you know, feel like what you gotta go
Feel like what was in a soul

Ooh…Ooh…Ooh…Ooh (Suicyco Mania)

No no no (Wah ha ha ha ha ha)
No no no no no no no (Ha ha ha ha ha ha)
Yipe yipe yipe yipe yipe yipe yipe (Ha ha ha ha ha ha)
Guess again, guess again, guess again, guess again

Think I’m a bitch… Think I’m a bitch…
Think I’m a bitch… Think I’m a bitch…
Think I’m a bitch… Think I’m a bitch…
Think I’m a bitch… You got that (Suicyco Mania)

We’re putting in…We’re gonna deal it with your…I’m feeling lonely…
The rollers still got that (Suicyco Mania) You got that (Suicyco Mania)
Go sit down (Suicyco Mania) We got that (Suicyco Mania)

If you don’t know, if you don’t know, we never never would

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