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By the left, quick march, Crua Chan!!!

It was 1745

The Highland spirit has revived

Mc Dougall here and McDonald there

The clans had come from everywhere

Singing ...

Fee, fi, fo, fum !!!

I smell the blood of an englishman


Come on London ,here we come

We went all the way down south

We were frothing at the mouth

Comind down to Derby town

We'd beaten everywhere around, singing!


I smell the blood of an englisman


Come on England, here we come

We ended at culloden moor

Feeling bad and feeling poor

The redcoats has chased us there

There we died and there we stayed, singing!!!


I smell the blood, scotsman

UNited Kingdom here we come

The bonnie prince had gonne home

He's never gonna come back

The bonnie prince is going home

He's never gonna come back

We'll do it you in Wembley

We'll do it you in pubs

We're the scotish louts larking about

Here come your rats

Crua Chan lad

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