Sundown - Silencer Lyrics

Artist: Sundown Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Glimmer
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The one you always waited for
The profit margin's narrow
When your soul kicks off a full blown war
Step on up right here and have a go
You won't cut it - I always said so
It's getting late - Time to feel the pain
Closing down now - Please come again

Your life's a fucking failure
Is this all you've got to show
A million sob-soaked stories
Spare me - I don't need to know
I really should feel sorry
But I just can't relate
Won't sink down to your level
And I couldn't compensate

Emotional malfunction
Nothing quite easy to admit
Your heartburn soldered radar
Those shortcut wires won't transmit
Why the fuck you try to steal my medicine
Can't you see what state I'm in
Are we finished here - well more or less
Walking out now enjoy the mess

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