Sundown - Synergy Lyrics

Artist: Sundown Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Design 19
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just how the pictures have been framed
I know you know i'm watching
naked bleeding cold and quite insane
it's all creepy crawley
helter skelter in our veins
but who are they to judge who gives or takes
or who'll inflict the pain

the way it's going is just fine
and now we're coming
you'll get yours and i'll get mine

those things they'll never say is what we're gonna do
god if they only knew
synergy my love
those blackened little secrets that we call our own
now that the seeds have been sown
synergy my love

pain the primal mover
turning twisted as it hides
as the grip grows tighter
scarletta domina at my side
and the fire's blazing
I know you like to watch me burn
cure this restless hunger
tie me down and take your turn

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