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Artist: Super Furry Animals Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Love Kraft
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Took you to a movie but you moved away
Froze into a standstill my feet turned to clay
Looked into the sky for some good advice
A curious shadow angle poised
Circled twice then tossed me a carcass

Sold you a Dalmatian but the spots fell off
Pooled them all together as a hairy moth
Bred it with a lion but it flew away
Now it chases drones around the sky
Growls and grunts 'til you feed it a blemish

I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with apocalypse
An instant hit

Saw the Virgin Mary she was crying blood
Tears congregate into a mighty flood
Give her some directions to a specialist
An eye doctor to help her cyst
She took the wrong turn to the family planning

Saw Lord Lucan riding Shergar to the shops last night
Couldn't be positive in the candle light
Chased them in a Mustang to a Kwik Save till
Searched for words to fit the bill
Dug myself a hole then I fell into a vacuum

I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with apocalypse
An instant hit

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