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Artist: Superheist Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on The Prize Recruit
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My black heart is stained
With the price of betrayal
I hope U get what U fought 4
In this life U live
So U wanna B a star Such a pretty, pretty, pretty star!
Things have gone from bad 2 worse
A fractured kiss that made me curse U
I've ceased 2 breathe Anaesthetized by your disguise
Honesty brokered, I infest U with despise

Things have gone from bad 2 worse

Since U left me, I've become a shadow of U
Razor-loving eyes I've got a bullet 4 u

4 walls and a view of U
Cold bed of blood I brew 2 entice U
Eat the poison of anothers embrace
It's all in your face the lies that I cannot trace
In a room where u die alone!

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