Superheist - Burnt Out Souls Lyrics

Artist: Superheist Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on The Prize Recruit
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What made u change into this shit instead
U keep running 2 hide U metamorphosize
U take victims with u No matter what they decide

Who's got a burnt out soul Yeah u got a burnt out soul
No! I didn't see u fall! Down!

Can u remember all the times U changed your fuckin mind
Who had 2 pick up the pieces u left behind
I hate what you've become U can't see what you've done
What made u think you're the chosen one

Hey! One day you'll find respect And things will b better
Hey! In the end you'll face the things that matter
And I don't need u again

Now your left with no control
U take a heavy toll U have 2 face the mirror on your own
I hope u don't like what u have 2 see
'cos that's what's left in front of u and me

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