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Album: Track 8 on The Prize Recruit
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Everytime I hear u breathe selfish I don't want 2 fall in again
Everytime I seem 2 lookback I revert 2 times I wish that hadn't been
Every ounce and piece of respect I gave U spatout!
U sent me in a violent spin But here I am
U say get away I can't stand the site of u anyday
I taste your bitter embrace Suffocate in total disgrace

Just when I really thought the worst
Was finally over and then
Somehow a kick 2 the head Made me realise
I'm just a ghost again

It's only years of grief and spite It's so damn clear it's not alright

I gave my goodbyes today because I've really Learnt 2 walk away
Satisfaction I've rolled into a tidy little drug affair
Abbreviate my jealous fits cause I don't care
U send me in a violent spin But here I am
Why did u turn around on me?
I really haven't got a clue I thought I kinda knew u better Than u make me wanna do I've seen the bottom now I face the top
And you're the back of me U make me sick U make me volatile
It's all your gonna B!

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