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Somewhere in America, one night
Out on the road I saw her face
Trying hard to blend in with the others
She looked so out of place
Wo oh, her eyes, they caught me by surprise
They haunt my memory
Wo oh, she turned me around
Read my thoughts aloud
She moved me with a look
Then vanished in the crowd

You know who you are
In the night you'll feel a shiver
As I touch you from afar
Shining like a star
From the world we'll keep a secret
You know who you are

The towns all run together
As the days pour into nights and fade away
Staring at the schedule
To go back to the city and the day
Wo oh, come to me, listen to my voice
Follow what you fell
Wo oh, run to me, I'm searching for a clue
A number or a name
I'm reaching out to you


Sometimes when my heart can't find a reason
And it's just another season passing by
Wo oh, sometimes, I can close my eyes and touch you
In a moment I can feel again the way it felt that night

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