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Artist: Susanna Hoffs Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Susanna Hoffs
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She's a cross between
Emma Peel
Gwyneth Paltrow
And Kathy Lee
She's got a boyfriend
He';s twenty-three
She won't give him up
I can't set him free

And still he means the world to me
If only I could make him see
If only he'd be good to me
But he's the king of tragedy, oh oh

He calls me on the phone
He needs another loan
Gonna lose his home
He lays it all on me
And I feel so guilty
Want to tell him no
But he always tricks me
Into letting go


Oh, come back to me, yea yea.
We used to call you
Johnny Fun
Isn't that ironic
After all you've done
But the door's still open
The way is clear
When you get it together
I'll be here


You and me that's all I ever wanted
Can't you see you're all I ever wanted
You and me it's all I ever wanted
Can't you see you're all I ever needed, oh oh

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