Swan Lee - Love Will Keep You Warm Lyrics

Artist: Swan Lee Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Swan Lee
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Oh baby I know it's hard
Finding your way
And darling if your clouds
Won't go away
And if your sun keeps hiding
Don't let it get you down
You've got my heart shining
Love will keep you warm
Oh baby I still believe
In dreams come true
Sweet darling there is a wonder
In all that you do
If a storm is coming
Don't let it tear you apart
You've got my heart humming
So stop trying so hard
Love will keep you warm
Stop trying so hard
You know you're running
Around like a fool
You're fooling your heart
So get your feet back down
On the ground
Love is all around
Love will keep you warm
Keep you safe from harm
You know I still believe

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