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Album: Track 11 on United We Fall
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"Do you believe, in God?" {*echoes*}
[Verse One]
Man the world's on it's end and somethin gotta give
How do we spawn so much evil from somethin so positive
Pick a side is your prerogative
Or we can just sit in here bickerin who God is
Love, change, life all the above
Far more than the three letter word we speak of
But we judge, discriminate and hate
But pray to wash it all away every Sunday
There's no escape from your own devices
Even with blind faith in Jesus Christ kids
And far greater than any saint or savior
Safe to say it takes more than faith to save ya
Born and raised through honor thy neighbor
While we wage another war, worship in the name of God
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Like the sun up above the trees (bless)
These trees allowin us to breathe (God)
Whether yours, whether him or hers (bless)
These people let 'em sing the words (God)
[Verse Two]
God it took my whole life to meet you again
Forgive me those years, I didn't know how to speak to you then
I speak to you now, through the ink that bleeds from this pen
To seek counsel, and I think I need to repent
I speak to my friends and reason with them
And seek to find a way to try to stay free from the sin
And yet, even if sin excedes the weed and the gin
We drink not believin in the freedom within
I think I believe we can win
I believe it like I know I hear you breathin the wind
Through the speakin of streams, the people that sing
and birds beating their wings, please believe that you can speak through me
And when I speak to people let my voice be love
and praise and faith and hope and all that
And when I've reached the speak, let 'em say my life
was light and truth until my soul was called back to God

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