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I never want to be alone.
I never want to love no one.
I never want to be without you.
Can I lay next to you?
I never want to live without you.

Imagine loving someone so much;
Missing your smile, kiss, and touch.
To live alone without you I'd die.
I cry in fear of loneliness sometimes.
But I really believe my heart beats one life,
And it's you I choose.
I can't love another.
I never want to live my life without you.


I'm never gonna give you up.
Living alone is not worth as much.
Without you I can't eat or sleep.
I close my eyes and it's you I see.
And every day that I breathe;
From the hightest mountain to the seas
I will be waiting...
Waiting for you to come to me.


As I think and lay alone
I never want to hold no one.
I always dreamed one day you'd come,
Somehow, just to show me love.
And this time it's so real;
You tell me what you see and feel.
'Cause it's you I want.
'Cause I can't wake up to another love.


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