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Album: Track 1 on 99th Dream
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We hear Westminster chimes
You've gone to stealing cars
From Mars bars
And never fail
Always in your painted nails
One day we'll work the world
Without these stimulants
And as thought bubbles form above you
You know that I have always loved you

I love your ways
Love your little ways
Love your ways

Somewhere up in the sky
The Hindenburg still flies
You're still flying from the night before
Last night the big score
As we lie half in traction
And in stereo start to dream
Architecture, nature, alcohol
Space travel, rock n roll

Shop windows at night
And endless possibilities
The mannequin's blank face
Reflecting how you feel
So glamorous and surreal
It's a thin veneer
And something's got to give out here
I'm dreaming number 99
Get me to the world on time

I love your ways
I love your little ways
Love your ways

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