Swervedriver - Sci-Flyer Lyrics

Artist: Swervedriver Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Raise
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Let's go and meet our friends
They said they'd be here today
They like to oscillate
They say it's great
They want to rollercoaster ride
And drive into the depths of the dark night
They love the bright lights
And the lay-by's too
And as the leaves blew up to the heavens
They said they knew

Just call me bucket rider
I don't have a penny to my name
And no coal to stoke my fire
But it's a nice neck of the woods all the same
This is where they came down
To our planet, checkin' on our climate
And our women too
And as the leaves blew up
They said they knew

Below the apes above the angels
Below the apes above the angels
Below the apes above the angels
They said Is this who you love?
And I said Yeah
But she only has two arms and one smile
That's alright that's enough for me by a mile

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