Switchblade Symphony - Invitation Lyrics

Artist: Switchblade Symphony Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on The Three Calamities
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So they visit you, in the dead of night
They make love alone
They say that it's all right, that it's
Just the same

Do you like them?
Do you want them?

They've invited you,
They have chosen you,

To take a trip
To take a trip

They bring promises
Of a nearly perfect way

So they reach for you
With beauty and such grace
With their fragile hands,
It's you that they've embraced

They are not the same

Do you like?
Do you like?
Do you like them?
Do you want them?

They've invited you to a special place
Where they never fight, you'll never fell misplaced
They are not the same

So they've captured you,
To take you far away
No matter what you do,

They are just the same

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