Switched - Reflections Lyrics

Artist: Switched Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Subject to Change
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Its all my face, a pale disguise.

In disgust I close another chapter of my life, and its over to understand.

'Cus I dont care...
'Cus I dont care
So why dont you leave me here?
So why dont you leave me here?
Cus Im better off dead, and im better off DEAD!
Say you will not follow me-
I chase this crap around
Say you will not follow me- you whore
Stay away, stay away
Wash my hands from years of regret.
Wipe away the dirt that I love, and its taking its toll down on me.
'Cus Im better off dead, and Im better off DEAD!

Ignore your attempt to weak my strength.
I was expecting more.
And to your shell you run from me.
To be just like me!


You turned out just like me!
Stay away!

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