Swollen Members Heart Lyrics

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Album: Track 11 on Black Magic

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You gotta be real and you gotta have heart

Last year misery despair pity self loathing
All because I couldn't recognize the wolf in sheep's
Deep glowing eyes of orange reveal hatred Prevail was confused his thoughts were ill natured
My heart turned black and wicked I needed guidance
If you've ever fallen from grace the pace can be
The velocity could possibly burn you in re-entry
Or have an opposite effect and re-connect the
lost energy
Now I can deel with how it feels to be powerless
look yourself in the mirror and fear you'd see
I'll never let it play me again it's like a plague
You gotta fight for your right to party fight like a brave
I might have rescued myself from the depths of anxiety
Taken a deep breath awakened speech inside of me
I'm one of three creating a movement monumental
The resilience of pure brilliance Unlimited potential


Orphan on morphine, mad feel motherless
Pain for the love of it, fucked up because of it
New kids discover this, mimic me the best
Keep myself cooked up clinically depressed
Ice pick thorugh my heart locked inside my place
Now I'm lookin' for a face to put by my face
Little bully with fully developed elegant angel
You can tell I'm in danger, I'm one hell of a stranger
I look into the future saturated colors then i look at
my reflection
Actually, I'm duller sullen lost that spark, too dark,
I fell awkward
Two dogs to talk with, ain't no one to rock with
Used to turquise and aqua the sun shine gone
man I'm lucky if I'm up by dawn
Lunatic kick habit I'm a dick trick rabbit
Shit I'm sick quick grab'n gotta split this cabin


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