Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss Lyrics

Artist: Symphony X Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Paradise Lost
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Covenant of pure corruption
sink my teeth deep into you
Solemn oath of sheer Destruction
a Nightmare, though and though

In that hour - I'll devour
Hope is swallowed up in Pain
taste the venom - feel the power
coursing though my veins

I'm corruption
I'm destruction, though and though

Trust in Me...for I will set you free
with a Serpent's Kiss
with a Serpent's Kiss

Be my Light and I won't stray - make me beg;
make me pray
Tell me when to laugh or cry - when to live
and when to die

Forgotten and betrayed
Rotting and decayed
left to wither - without a voice
left to slither - without a choice

Crucifier - spitting Fire
say your little empty prayers
This Empire - growing higher this spite, I swear

Sharp tongue severs - like a razor
swimming in a sea of Rage
Vindicators - masqueraders
all the World's my Stage

I devour
I empower - God of Pain

Trust in Me...for I will set you free
with a Serpent's Kiss
How could it come to this?
with a Serpent's Kiss

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