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Artist: T-Pain Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Rappa Ternt Sanga
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Girl I See you changed, (changed)
You think it's effectin' me. (what girl)
But girl it's not.
Girl I peep your brain. (brain)
Think you're so smart. (so smart)
But girl you're not.
And it's a shame, (damn)
Ask me, (ask me)
Ask if I care.
And you lookin' so good. (damn)
Take you back, (take u back)
I wouldn't dare.
Because and girl.

[Chorus: x2]
I rather get it while the goin's good,
Baby you know I would.
Do you better if you treat me the same.
I rather get it while it's hot,
Than steal it while it's not.
Oh girl, your not the same anymore,
Your not the same.

Girl you know my skees, (skees)
Always in the streets. (Streets)
Steady packin' heat, (heat)
Case some ***** wanna test me. (me)
You made me slow it down. (down)
Especially when you come round. (round)
How the hell it go down,
Got me actin' like a clown. (clown)
It ain't funny girl,
Your not the same no more,
Spendin too much money,
And the sex ain't the same no more.
Girl you had me fooled.
(Up and shacked up) oh
(Now you washed up) oh
Hate it but it's jacked up.
As convicts we gotta.

[Chorus: x2]

Then finally, (ring)
I get a call, (a call)
A call from you.
Baby why don't we. (we)
Just quit it out. (quit it out)
Oh girl we're through, oh
Don't call my phone now, (now)
Bet you think, (you think)
I wanna speak.
Listen to this tone now, (oh)
I gotta go, (gotta go)
Go back to sleep.
Oh girl

[Chorus: x2]

Your not the same anymore, your not the same.
Girl you not the same anymore and you know.
Your not the same anymore, your not the same.
Girl you not the same anymore and you know.

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