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Album: Track 4 on T-Squad
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Sometimes I really gotta wonder
Is this just a spell we're under
All we seeing is the rain and thunder
Can we kick it in to an endless summer
(come on) free flowin' communication
Break the hypnosis grippin' the nation
Do you know what I mean?

Maybe now it's up to us to put down
The recipe we got to turn this 'round
Time to turn the focus on to you and me

You got to believe in you and me
Don't you know the truth will set you free
You've got to believe in you and me
Don't you turn your back on destiny
Ahh yeah... truth gonna you free

There are times when it all seems hopeless
I look at the dice how did I roll this
Is there a way we can all find solace
Can't we change the channel and adjust the focus
(come on) a new world where the choice is endless
I gotta message and I gotta send this
Do you know what I mean?
Maybe now it's us to put right
Warm a chill we feelin' on a cold night
Tap into the positive energy


Some people say the world is ruthless
But that's only 'cause for now it's truthless
Some people say that hope is useless
Beware the tiger but the tiger's toothless
We counter with imagination
Now it's up to this generation
Do you know what we mean?

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