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Yo...yo...{ }...yo!
My Crew (My Crew) my dogs (my dogs)
Set rules (Set rules) set laws (set laws)
We represent for di lords of yards
A gal alone a feel up my balls

[Chorus: ]
From dem a par inna chi chi man car
Blaze di fire mek we bun dem!!!! (Bun dem!!!!)
From dem a drink inna chi chi man bar
Blaze di fire mek we dun dem!!!! (Dun dem!!!!)

So mi go so, do yuh see weh I see???
*****s when your doin that
Nuff a dem a freak dem a carry all dem dutty act
Thug ***** want to bees nuff a dem a lick it back
It dem bring it to we, hold on nuff a cop a shot
Cop a shot rise up every calico go rat tat tat
Rat tat tat every chi chi man dem haffi get flat
Get flat, mi and my *****s ago mek a pack
Chi chi man fi dead and dat's a fact

[Chorus: ]

So mi go so la la la la la la la la la la la
Nah go mek nuh chi chi man walk right a so
From a bwoy a deep we ago dun dem right now
Leff him whole family dem a blow wow

I see it from far mi and dem nah go par
A nuff a dem bwoy mi a smoke man cigar
Mi and dem coulda never inna wrong bar
Dem bwoy deh flex too bizarre

[Chorus: ]

[Repeat intro twice]
[Repeat Verse 1 till fade]

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