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See, if you can't spaciously expand my horizon

Then that leaves you in a class with scrubs

Never risin' (risin)

I don't find it surprisin

If you don't have the g's

To please me and bounce from here

To the coast of over seas

So, let me give you something to think about

Then invade your mind

With intentions to turn you out

Can't forget to focus on the picture in front of me

You is clear DVD on digital TV screens

Satisfy appetite with something spectacular

Check you veinacular

And then I'll get back to ya

With diamond like presision

Insatiable is what I invision

Came to deck that 'quisition

>From your friends expedition

Mr.. Big Willie

If you really wanna know

Ask Chilli could I be a "Silly Ho"

Not real/T-boz and all my senoritas

Steppen' on your Filas

But you dont hear me though

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