TV on the Radio All Falls Down Lyrics

Artist: TV on the Radio
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Length: 4:55

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Love came dancing on the breeze tonight
Like a lose free ticket for one expensive ride
To where light comes from
It just hung in the air like a song to be sung
She rise and you could almost die
And the sight of her exciting flight with fanthon???
Size of thousand brides
Here she comes, here she comes
And your standing there mumbling like the cats got your tongue
She is a turn the gods? cant hold?
Live a ??? worn gold down???
As the stars heads the spells??
Know you are going straight to hell
When love comes
And it all falls down
Rain comes walking with a head on fire??
Think you should
Grab those hands and pull it close before it all expires
And ye her heart out?
Ohh from her light dripping mouth
'Cause is winter glorious
Is a breed?? songs or drums???
As the cribs? rise above
Or journey is? a down
When love comes and it all falls
All is lost
All is lost
All is
All is lost
All is lost
All is
Feeling as if up your spells?
Like the sun came have a shine???
With your hear still bad
Singing bold as you dance
When love comes and it falls
With your hear still bear
Singing lonely as you dance
When love comes and it falls