Tadpole Nothing New Lyrics

Artist: Tadpole
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I know you¹re hiding Œcause I can feel you breathing
Hear your heart beat
I know you¹re hiding Œcause I can feel your fear against my skin

I know you¹re lost and lonely
I know you¹re scared and tired
I know you¹re falling
But I will catch you
I will catch you keep you

You know I¹m close Œcause you can feel me breathin
Sense my heart beat
You know I¹m here Œcause you are paralysed, have lost your way

Now, today, forever never let you go
Today, I¹ll never ever let you goŠ

Something else is going on, still I don¹t care
First you¹re here and then your gone, still I don¹t care
When you think you¹re lost forever, I will find you
Even though you¹re hidden from me I will find you
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