Whoop There It Is Lyrics

Tag Team

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Party people
Tag Team Music
In full effect
That's me DC
That reigns supreme
And my man Steve Rollin
We're getting the flow (We're getting the flow)
And it goes a lil sumpin like this

Tag team back again
Check into wreckin
Let's begin
Party on party people let me hear some noise DC's in the house jump jump rejoice
Says there's a party over here a party over there
Wave your hands in the air, shake your derri're
These three words when you're getting busy
Whoomp There it is hit me

Up side down, and inside out
I'm about to show you folks what it's all about
Now its time for a nigga to get on the mic
And make this mother fucking party hype
I'm takin it back to the old school
Cuz I'm a old fool
Whose sooo cool
If ya want to get down, imma show you the way
Whoomp there it is, let me hear you say.

Point blank, Gin and Juice I'm drinkin
?????as i puff on dank
Rock the mic
Uh Oh I crave skin
???? Find a hunny to dip it in
Slam dunk it, stink it, flip it and ride it that B double O T Y oh my
Ohhh that's it, come on come on
Whoomp there it is' IM DONE

Some say I'm crazy cuz I'm pushin up daisies
The underground sound that I found is
Amazing, outstanding, demanding, commanding, you people dancing
That's a breath taker, I produce a second, the under taker
You wanna come down to the under ground, old school, heres the shovel,
Can you dig it fool!

W H double O M P as I flow,
To the school of old, hardcore, keep the folklore wreck
3 to the 2 and 1 mic check
Mad skill, blow ill, I'm the mess of steel
That's grill of the microphone I just killed
Party people is the party tag team is through
Whoop there it is, I thought you knew

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