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Album: Track 8 on Activity Center
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Hey keep in mind
There are treasures to be found
And there’s an answer to everything
Dream on little one
We’re on the run, uh uh uh
Catching the train as it’s leaving
Watching the trees turn into a sea of green
I can see a new day dawning
This is a new beginning

I’ve been thinking about the good times
And how I thought they’d never end
We’ve been going through a hard time
I can’t wait to start again
I keep thinking about the good times
Feeling like I lost a friend
And we’ve been having such a hard time
I can’t wait to start again

I’ll keep it with mine
The cultures all around
Make you fight over the smallest thing
Dream on little one
And follow the sun, uh uh uh
Running from the rain as it’s falling
Watching a cloud exploding in the open sky
We’ll stay here in hiding and we’ll leave in the morning
(hold on to it)


Ba-ba Babababa Ba
Didn’t know I was falling
Ba-ba Bababa Ba
Now I’m climbing up the hill
Ba-ba Bababa Ba
It’s a brand new beginning

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