Talisman - Until the Morning Comes Lyrics

Artist: Talisman Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Truth
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Hello my friend
It's been a long time
This letter i send
Ihope finds u well
It's been 'bout a year
Since u went away
But don't u despair
I've got a notion 2 sell
We'll meet in the middle
& take it 2 the end
We'll play & sing all night
We'll scream & hear the cries
We won't stop
Until the morning comes
We share a passion between us
We ask u 2 step inside
We'll ride on
Until the morning comes
The faces have changed
But the candles remain
We've been here b4
But still it's brand new
The mem'ries we made
We'll never 4get
We've only just begun
An endless rendezvous
We wouldn't change a thing
We'll take it 2 the top
We wouldn't change a thing
We'll take it 2 the top
(Chorus x2)

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