Talisman - Wherever, Whenever, Whatever Lyrics

Artist: Talisman Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Cats and Dogs
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Wherever u go I'd follow, my heart is yours 4 the taking
Whenever u need me 2 get u through the sorrow
Whatever u want I'd honour, I live the love that we're making
Reach out & I'll be there fill your world with colour
Ive seen u at times of deep despair
Ive been there through tears of sadness
It pains me 2 view foreseen mistakes
But still I turn my soul away
Rewind 2 the days we were mere friends
I dreamed of how we'd be with passion
U were so misled, left 4 dead, without reason
I picked up the pieces once again
Now Im here 2 share your laughter
Now Im here 2 brighten everyday
I pledge 2 keep the sky singing
4 u the most in every way

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