Tanita Tikaram - To Wish This Lyrics

Artist: Tanita Tikaram Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Everybody's Angel
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It's a long day for me and my world
It's a long day to be your girl
It's been a hard time spent missing so much
But still I love you to wish this, to wishes

It takes some caring to have enough
It takes some pleasing to keep us crossed
And growing harder to keep you crowned
But such a true look can be, to wish this, to wishes

Some dust in my eye
Some movement cries
Some will and won't
Some he has shown me love

It takes a murmur to keep this touch
It's a murmur, who wants this touch?
To such a soft heart, it can be found
To hush this longing, to wish this, to wishes

It takes a long day to find your world
It takes a long day to be your girl
But it's the right time to feel this much
I still love you, to wish this, to wishes

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