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Artist: Tank Lyrics
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Album: Track 17 on One Man
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[verse 1:]
I could be trippin
I could be slippin
but I think I'm in love
I could be wishin
I could be missin
all the things you remind me of
if I ever missed you
how can this been
never ever been this so far
I have never been open
you had me chokin
Then I'm open only style I know
don't let me down...cause I believe
I need you right now....need you and me
all that you are..you don t ever have to pray
can I let you know....ohh I'm gonna let you know
you make me wanna be a better man
be everything for you I know I can
for you won t change but you want me to
be a better man for you
[verse 2:]
I wanna feel you
I mean the real you
the one you don t let no one see
I wanna know you
I wanna hold you
when your desperate and in need
I wanna be there
wanna really care
I wanna complete your life
I want it to stay
forever this way
cause it's so nice
I will I will I will I will
oh yeah oh yeah o yeah
you make me dig so deep
pull out the best in me
I never wanna leave cause you like me

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