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Bu gai zai lang fei li qi
Zuo xie yu hui de shi qing
Yong yan shenzhi jie dui ni qing sheng xi yu
Ni mei you bie de biao qing
Zong wei xiao zhuan guo tou qu
Qing yi jie kai wo chuan song de mi
Ru guo zhe yang hai suan bu shang you mo qi
Zhi shao neng dai biao wo men dou gou cong ming
Bu yong zai wen wei shen me
Bu yong zai shuo xie shen me
Liao liao dong le
Wo men dou yi zhi ai zhe
Bu yong zai dan xin shen me
Bu yong zai hai pa shen me
Lei le shui le
Qian zhe shou yi qi ru meng le
Yi zhi suan bu zhun tian qi
Cuo guo qi dai de chang jing
Mei zai cai hong chu xian na ke shuo ai ni
Ni yi ding shan jie ren ai
Zhi dao wo xiang de shi qing
Suo yi xia yu bu ji mang hui qu

(English Version)

I shouldn't waste any more energy,
On such circuitous stuff.
Using my gaze to convey sweet, gentle words directly to you,
You do not display other emotions;
Always smiling gently and turning your head,
Easily escaping the mystery that I try to convey.
If even this is insufficient to prove that we have great shared chemistry,
At least it shows that we are smart enough.
No need to ask why anymore,
No need to say anything more -
We understand.
We are constantly in love,
No need to worry about anything else,
No need to be afraid of anything.
Wearily we fell asleep,
Holding hands, we entered the dream realm together.
Always unable to predict the weather accurately,
Missing the scenery that we were looking towards.
I didn't say, "I love you" at the instance when the rainbow appeared.
I'm sure you knew my intention,
And know what I was thinking about.
Hence I am not in a hurry to go back when it rains.

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