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Artist: Tankard Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Meaning of Life
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Read in the morning paper
They're shooting up another satellite
Experiment on the final frontier
To create the ultimate beer
Precious yeast spinning in orbit
Unrestrained gravity fades
Nobody knows what this brew will be
A magic potion? Chemistry?

Everybody loves the new beer
So good you want to drink it day in night
It's better that and pills, any ex
Makes you feel like really good sex
If you're sick, don't fear the doctor
'Cause he has wonderful news:

A case of beer will replace the pills
A drink of healing cures your ills
A new idea - great innovation
Future beer - it's a sensation

Chuck it down, tap another barrel
Magic potion out of space
Chuck it down, it's a drinker's heaven
Live it up and drink this beer
Space beer! Space beer!
Space beer - this is what I like
Space beer -it tastes alright
If you stick to drinking space beer

Hangovers - headaches will be in the past
The sci-fi-booze makes
you healthy and wise
Your **** and brain will grow in size
If you're bald,
It'll make your hair grow

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