Tanya Stephens Saturday Morning Lyrics

Artist: Tanya Stephens
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[Phone Rings ]
[Dishes Splatters]
This Mornin When I Woke,& Open My My Eyes.
I Was Greeted By *the* Most *sobering* Surprise
A Face I've Never Seen Before In My Life Just Lounging On My Pillow Right Next To Mine.
And Im Looking At It And I Panic And Remember Havin The Gin And Tonic And Recall Every Rum And Cola Too
But For A Life Of Me, I Cant Remember You
[Tanya:] So Who U Boss?
[Bigga:] [Burp] Bigga Blocks
[Tanya:] Ok
[Tanya:] Bigga Blocks?
This Happened Before This Wasnt The First, But I Gotta Admit, This One Is The Worst.
And Where Were My Friends, Didnt Any Body See? God Almighty, This One Is Ugly
[Drinks Pouring]
So Im Rushing To The Toilet And While Takin A Piss.
Im Thinking That This Better Be The Catalyst
To Make Me Change My *philandering* Ways And Make My Nights Reflect My Better Days Yo
A Weh Mi Say Now
Theres A Strange Man In My House
And His Boots Are On The Floor
Mr. *Bacardi*, We Cant Chill Any More
From Now On, Im Just Rollin With Cola
If That Dont Work, Then Imma Rockin It
So Long
A Weh Mi Seh Now
Theres A Strange Man In My Bed And He Seems *too satisfied*
How On Earth Am I Gonna Savage My Pride
Smerk Off, Its Been A Heck Of A Ride
But This Is Where I Got To Bid U Good Bye
Bid U Good Bye
[Tanya:] Yo Bigga! Get Up. U Fi Go Now
[Bigga:] (Groanin) Huhhh
[Tanya:] Mi Nuh Kno How This Happened, I Swear
[Tanya:] Oy, Pan Yuh Way Out, Grab Mi A Beer
[Bigga:] (Hissin Of Teeth) Tek Man Fi Blood Cloth Idiot
[Door Closes]
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