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Album: Track 6 on Walk It Off
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Say back something
why don't you meet me in the morning?
say back something
my arms will meet you in the air
when you say come back
why don't you mean it in the morning?
when i say come back
my hands will meet you in the air

clouds have got your head
there's silence in our bed
and arms and legs of lead
and i, oh, i'm so scared

say back something
why can't you look me in the eyes?
stuck in the undertow
and i still hold out
why won't you meet me in the morning?

salt has drowned my head
and i've been so mislead
by the comfort of our bed
and i, oh i'm so scared
no i, no i'm so scared

you mean it all?
then say it all
and i'll be in our bed

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